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As we’ve seen in the past few months, companies whose software is frequently labeled “adware” or “spyware” are scrambling for cover. Some have tried to partner with anti-spyware firms. Others have tried to join industry consortiums in order to give themselves the air of legitimacy. Still others, though, have been quietly threatening anti-spyware vendors, web sites, and even individuals to get themselves removed from detections databases and to silence their critics on the internet.

We now have yet another unfortunate example of this: CastleCops has just reported that it received a “cease & desist” letter from You can find Paul & Robin’s report as well as the text of the letter here:


ISearch and IDownload make a number of browser add-ons for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. You can read about two ISearch/IDownload variants at Andrew Clover’s well-known and thoroughly researched

ILookup (aka HotSearchBar)

Pugi (aka ISearch Toolbar)

Some of you might remember from the Windows Media adware fiasco back in January. As reported in this DSLR/BBR thread:

» WMP Adware: A Case Study in Deception

Much, much more at the DSLR headline link!

How do they dare to do such things and claim not to be adware/spyware/malware!

NOTE: Originally posted: February 2005 (recreated from mangled original

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