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Below is the posting I made at Spyware Warrior when I read about HotBar. I thought I was imagining things!

“I too am very upset with the way that Lavasoft is handling this. But, as Suzi mentioned, they are still a good spyware removal program.

The problem with Lavasoft is that they can no longer be someone’s front line removal program. Which means folks will not renew. So they will ultimately lose anyway. The market will sort that part out on it’s own.

But they really need to figure out what they are going to be.

Either they will be a selective remover or they will be a full featured spyware removal company. Since August it appears they are fast becoming a selective removal company, which has made them no longer a front line removal program for me. I didn’t purchase their program because of this.

Instead, I bought Webroot’s Spy Sweeper. I will continue to monitor Spy Sweeper to see whether I want to renew next year. If they continue to be a front line company, I will renew again. I use Spy Sweeper’s realtime mode, not MS AntiSpyware.

I use it in conjuction with Giant/MS AntiSpyware (now totally free thankfully) to get my removal totals up to a whopping 70% per WindowsSecrets analysis of Eric’s data.

I still think that even that is sad. But it’s apparently the best we can do at this point.

I applaud Microsoft and Webroot for keeping their programs capable of being front line spyware removal programs.”

This is some of the worst thinking on Lavasoft’s part. They will lose ultimately. It’s a real shame too. I am sure Steve Gibson from GRC is sad that they have taken this tact as well after he had suggested we all go to Ad-Aware after OptOut expired and then then first they turn on their old customers for nearly a year while they make their new version Ad-Aware 6, and now this.

NOTE: Originally posted: February 2005 (recreated from mangled original bambismusings.blogspot.com)

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