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“Some how, regardless of the reasons for delisting WhenU, Gator/Claria, Weatherbug, etc., the spyware removal programs should at least continue to at least list them in their online database with a current rating, and thereby providing a paper trail to show when they delisted them and why.

In addition, as others have mentioned, old defs should never be totally removed. The companies should be required to use new names, etc. for their ‘reformed’ products and the old non-coforming products should continue to be removed.

Can you imagine an antivirus company removing an old listing of a trojan from their database? Antispware companies are as necessary as antivirus programs these days and should be as reliable in their removal of these pests. End of story.


Everyone who has dealt with these spyware programs agrees that the best way handle spyware is to not get spyware in the first place, so I really do not understand the philosophy here with some of the antispyware companies. If you want to make sure that the old programs are removed, regardless of whether you have a new ‘reformed’ product installed on your computer or not, you need these entries listed to remove the old ones if they are present.

You should not be required to install the new ‘reformed’ product for them to hopefully uninstall the old ‘non-conforming’ products out there, which is what it sounds like they are leaving it to, or to some external program ‘the company’ provides.

Maybe some folks don’t trust them. Maybe they want to be free of ALL this crapware.

If these companies can not make new registry entries and files/folders for their new ‘reformed’ products, then their company doesn’t deserve to be considered spyware free. And whether they are free of spyware in their current iterations, doesn’t make it so for prior products. If there are still products out there, that have bundled in software that may or may not be the ‘reformed’ code, then the definitions for these older spyware ridden products deserve to be in the database both within the anti-spyware program and within their online databases with appropriate documentation.

Just my two cents.

UPDATE: Another great article with specifics on the WhenU delisting:

Spyware Warrior:: Don’t Drink the WhenU Kool-Aid

NOTE: Originally posted: February 2005 (recreated from mangled original bambismusings.blogspot.com)

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