See you later, anti-Gators? | CNET

Lest we forget their past victims …

“PC Pitstop believes that Gator products degrade the quality of a user’s PC experience,” read the cached PC Pitstop page urging a boycott of companies advertising through Gator. “This belief is based on our hands-on use of Gator products and experience with hundreds of systems in our forums….Although Gator Corporation likes to make a distinction and call their products ‘adware,’ other sources make no such distinction. Independent research has shown that they collect extensive information and have not clearly explained how the information is used once it reaches the Gator servers.”

Thank you C|Net for reminding us that PC Pitstop is another great site that has been trampled by these ‘companies.’

Thank you Dave for being there for users, and I hope some of us computer users can help to right the wrong done to you and other companies who are just trying to give the user back their option of choice!

NOTE: Originally posted: February 2005 (recreated from mangled original

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