CastleCops – Cease and Desist letter to CC and our response

Thank Gawd! CastleCops isn’t going to let them get away with this!

Robin speaks out,

Some of you may have noticed the front page news over the last few days has been more legal then technical. CastleCops has been served with a cease and desist by the counsel for iDownload. Last night we responded to them. CastleCops Link article

We believe in what we do here, and we believe that you as consumers have the right to choose what is or isn’t installed on your computer, we are not the only ones who have gotten this kind of letter recently. Since we do believe those things we are not going to delist iDownload or iSearch. We wanted to give the public an opportunity to talk about this.

This is your chance to send a clear message to the creators of applications like this. Let your voices be heard!”

I am so thankful someone is standing up to them!

I was so frustrated and felt so unable to deal with good folks getting hit like this that last night I sent an email to everyone who might be able to help. Originally I sent the email to, then copied it to everyone from the President and First Lady, to online and offline media outlets, and security related folks, here and around the world that I thought might be able to understand the situation and possibly assist, and some who are just large media outlets as well, just to see if they would even respond.

We shall see.

NOTE: Originally posted: February 2005 (recreated from mangled original

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