SpywareInfo : Leading Antispyware Vendors Quietly Drop WhenU Detection

Mike Healan has definitely said a mouthful here:

“The absence of WhenU in the newest targeting databases does not appear to be an error by either company. Both Lavasoft and PestPatrol have deleted nearly all mention of WhenU from their online spyware databases. On the PestPatrol web site’s list of Most Prevalent Pests, WhenU software is listed in four different places. However, if you click on the link to read more information about the software, you are presented with a Computer Associates search engine that shows zero results for the WhenU software name. When searching for WhenU in Lavasoft’s Threat Assessment Chart, there is no information at all about WhenU.

This is all very curious. Why would the makers of two of the most popular antispyware programs remove detection for WhenU without announcing it and then erase all mention of WhenU from their web sites? At the very least, they owe it to their users to announce that their software no longer will detect WhenU. People depend on these programs to find and remove any software that they may not want. An explanation of why WhenU no longer is detected would also be nice.

In an even stranger development, it turns out that Aluria’s Spyware Eliminator is detecting WhenU’s software. Aluria announced last year that they had certified WhenU’s software to be spyware free and removed WhenU software as a target. Aluria even partnered with WhenU to produce software. It was a surprising and unpopular decision that cost Aluria the goodwill and trust of much of the antispyware community.”

The entire article has some great information.

By the way, did anyone else notice that there were 6 different trojans including DyFuca removed from PestPatrol’s database as well? Is this normal? Are they counting on all antivirus companies to have definitions for all the the iterations of these, or what?

NOTE: Originally posted: February 2005 (recreated from mangled original bambismusings.blogspot.com)

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