CNI Radio – Computer News and Information is our Internet radio station that runs 24/7 sponsored in part by, and Fran’s Computer Services.

CNI Radio is a brand new internet talk radio station that provides information on computers and other technology, privacy and security issues that affect computer and technology users, and so much more. Some shows that air on CNI Radio:

Leo Laporte’s The Tech Guy on KFI
Jeremy Garcia – LQ Radio – Open Talk … about OpenSource‘s Off the Hook and Fifth HOPE

As well as “a few minutes with Firesign Theatre” hosted by our own JimmyLee, aka ah,clem in the FST Chat on Thursday nights, and some science news bits from Science@NASA, and of course some other live and pre-recorded shows of our own.

You can find out more about CNI Radio and find out how to listen at the CNI Radio – Computer News and Information website.

NOTE: Originally posted: February 2005 (recreated from mangled original

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