Well, at least that’s what my Sweetie calls me … a little dear.

I thought it was high time I finally did something with this blog space that I’ve had since March of 2002.

As a busy computer technician, it may be hard to find time to post as often as I’d like, but I will try to post as often as I can. It is an easy thing to do since Blogging is such a great and easy technology. But finding the time to collect the right words to say, that represents what one means or feels, is not always the easiest thing to do … at least for me. I truly appreciate (and envy) the craft of others who are able to write so beautifully and get their point across so well.

I come from perspective of someone who was trained in computing by a geek/hacker electronics technician, JimmyLee (aka ah,clem by FST fans), and having a business where I help folks with their computers, I have found that over the last year or so this job has become very spyware, malware and other parasitic removal centric with a healthy helping of trojan removal thrown in as well.

But that’s the fun part for me. Research and learning something new every day is a joy to me and something I need to do because I just want to know. So taking that knowledge and helping others is a natural extension.

I hope to be able to share some thoughts over time on spyware, security, the bashing of hackers by the mainstream media, legislation that favors huge corporation over private individuals, and how these corporation’s have infringed and continue to infringe, on individual personal constitutionally granted rights and how they stifle innovation instead of promoting it.

These things are very important to all of us in a free society, in our case (US), a democratic republic, where the government is supposed to be of and for the people. The People are the citizens, not corporations or the government itself.

I may have a slightly different slant on this than some folks because I do not class myself as someone who is liberal or conservative. There are things that are very important that both sides focus on, But I do not think either side (democrat or republican) is right anymore. In this person’s opinion, they both take it way too far to the left or the right … So much so that they are both out of touch with the main stream citizens in this country, and both have their own agenda.

Well, we’ll see how all that goes over time.

NOTE: Originally posted on my first blog ( on February 16, 2005. For some reason, importing my blog wasn’t very successful on May 12, 2005 so I am recreating it today from the downloaded archives.

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  1. Just a quick hello! I saw your site listed at and thought it might parallel my own. Looks great! Blog on!

  2. […] have to say that (as you have see from my postings here on my blog right from the beginning in my Welcome Posting), for the most part, I am more Libertarian than anything else available these day in our country. […]

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