Loving Memory… My Husband, James Lee Radcliffe aka JimmyLee

I have lost my best friend, my gentle and loving husband, James Lee Radcliffe, also known as JimmyLee of the JimmyLee and Bambi Show on CNIRadio.com.

I am so broken hearted I can hardly breath or think or anything. I will be posting more as time goes on. I just can’t do so right now.

James Lee Radcliffe
May 17, 1956 – December 3, 2014

Adam Ross (@ross549) put up a blog to keep our many friends and family updated on Jim’s condition from the time he went into the Sentara Williamsburg Regional Medical Center (SWRMC) in Williamsburg VA.

JimmyLee in ICU | Updated frequently by Adam from Fran

I have also started a memorial page on Jim’s vanity domain: JimRacliffe.com

As I say, when I am able, I will post more about Jim as I did for my Daddy when he passed away. The difference this time is that Jim was right there to be physically, emotionally and spiritually supportive when Daddy passed away and helped me get through it all. He had intimate knowledge what I was going through when Daddy passed away, because he knew what it was to lose a beloved parent, his Mom, Marie (Henry) Radcliffe back in 1984, a very unique woman who was such a positive influence and encouraged him in his thirst for learning and exploring life to become the phenomenal person that Jim became. I never had the pleasure of meeting Mom/Marie because she passed away two years before we met, but Jim was so awesome at being a storyteller, I really felt like I knew her.

More later. The more later will be put up on Jim’s Memorial site: JimRadcliffe.com — please leave a message there. I have allowed comments more easily there than on my blog so folks will be able to post there as long as the spammers don’t ruin the experience.

Comments on: "Loving Memory… My Husband, James Lee Radcliffe aka JimmyLee" (5)

  1. Fran, I am so very sorry. Having lost Jerry, the love of my life, just over six months ago, I understand what you are going through. Right now, you are likely feeling the greatest sadness ever, yet are almost numb. Although the numbness will ease as the months pass, the ache in your heart does not go away.

    People say that getting through the “firsts” are the most difficult — the first week, month, year, holiday, anniversary. There may be some truth to that but be prepared for the little things that will grab your heart strings. Although those little things, the reminders of JL, will reawaken the loss, they also become cherished memories that only the two of you shared.


    • Thanks Corrine. I know you are right. Thanks for being there.

    • This is year 5 since my Jim passed, but it is nearly as bad as the first year …. Yes, cherished memories, but I miss my Jim so much!
      I would imagine you are experiencing similar, Corrine?
      Or is it that the loss of my Mother, my Dad and especially my Jim are somehow amplified since my Mother passed August 2019?

  2. Too young to be leaving this place, Jimmy Lee; way too young. You return now that from whence you came, my friend… star dust. We shall all join you someday. Until then…

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